Shopping for the best bed frame in Hong Kong? Your bedroom isn’t complete without the right bed frame -- so let us guide you through the buying process! Getting the right bed frame that reflects your style and personality is important, but what’s often overlooked is the quality.  A good bed frame can help elevate your sleep experience by maximizing the comfort and durability of the mattress. This makes choosing a quality bed frame as important as choosing the right mattress (and if you‘re looking for a mattress, click here to learn how to choose the perfect mattress for you!).

You may have a lot of questions when it comes to buying a new bed frame, such as how to find the perfect bed frame in Hong Kong, when to replace the bed frame, or would a wooden storage bed be suitable for Hong Kong’s weather. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you! Read on for our recommendations on how to choose a bed frame in Hong Kong.

Bed Frame Buying Guide: Table of Contents

  1. What are some signs you need a new bed frame?
  2. What to consider before buying a new bed frame?
    1. Mattress Size Dimensions and How to Measure Your Bed
    2. Size of Your Bedroom
    3. Bed Frame Material
    4. What are Common Bed Foundations?
    5. What are Some Common Bed Frame Types?
    6. Bed Storage Options
    7. Different Bed Frame Features, Accessories and Types?
    8. Bed Frame Style and Design
    9. What Safety Measures Should I Be Looking at When Buying a Bed Frame?
    10. How Does Bed Delivery and Installation Usually Work?
  3. What is the best bed frame for me in Hong Kong?

1. What are some signs you need a new bed frame?


solid wood bed frame hong kong 

If you’re unsure of whether your need to replace your bed frame, you can check if your bed has the following issues:

  • The bed frame creaks and squeaks whenever you toss and turn. Joints of bed frames can loosen over time, so if you find yourself having to frequently tighten the screws, it’s time for a new bed. When the screws are not tight enough, the joints rub against each other whenever you move on the bed, and this friction is what creates noise. Though you may somehow get used to creaks, you shouldn’t settle for it. You deserve quality sleep!
  • The bed frame has bent slats. Bowed slats cause your mattress to sag. Not only will it affect the support your mattress is supposed to give you when you lay down, but it might also affect the durability of your mattress. You’re likely to wake up with back pain every morning and you may develop spinal issues over time, if you continuously sleep on an uneven surface that does not give you the spinal support you need.
  • The bed frame has visible wear and tear. Apart from loose screws and bent slats, there could be other hardware issues. For instance, beware of splits in the wood frames, especially where the headboard and bed frame connect. The seemingly tiny splits could cause the bed to collapse! Is the lifting mechanism of the ottoman storage working as smoothly as it used to be? If not, you’re at risk of injury. Always remember your safety comes first!

On the other hand, there could be nothing wrong with your bed, but you just want to upgrade your bedroom or give it a new look! Let’s say you’re planning on getting a bigger mattress. You’ll then need a full, queen, or king size bed frame depending on which mattress size you’re getting. Perhaps you’re no longer in love with the simple Ikea white bed frame or brass bed frame you picked years ago, and you want to change your bedroom style into something different. Maybe something more minimalist such as a streamlined solid wood bed frame. 

2. What to consider before buying a new bed frame?

If you’re pretty certain you’re going to get a new bed frame, take some time to consider the following before actually buying one at the store or online:

i. Mattress Size Dimensions and How to Measure Your Bed


how to measure your bed

Your mattress should fit perfectly with your new bed frame, be it a bed with a raised edge or flat platform. Hence, knowing the size of your mattress is important. You could start by removing the sheets so you could measure the mattress from the exact edge. Then, measure the length (in centimeters, inches, or feet) from the head to the foot using a tape measure. Similarly, measure the width of your mattress from side to side. If you already know your mattress size, feel free to check out our mattress size guide here to find the standard Hong Kong mattress sizes in exact inches or centimeters.

Pro tip: Make sure to know the difference between inner bed size and outer bed dimensions. Inner bed size refers to the length and width between the inside edges of the bed frame, where the mattress sits, or simply the mattress size. On the other hand, outer bed dimensions refer to the length and width between the outermost edges of the bed frame.

ii. Size of Your Bedroom


hong kong bedroom size

A bed frame is usually the largest furniture piece in your bedroom, and you wouldn’t want furniture to cram together in your bedroom, especially in Hong Kong where a lot of people don’t have extra space in their bedroom! Start by measuring the maximum length and width of the spot you plan to place your new bed frame. If you’re a visual planner, feel free to use pen and paper to plot out potential positions before you measure. Please make sure you consider the outside dimensions of the entire bed frame (including the headboard, if you plan to get one!) You might also want to measure the distance between the frame and nearby furniture. If you’ve got a small room  and are planning to have the bed near the door, are you going to have enough space to allow the door to be fully opened? Having under bed storage is often the solution for small bedroom owners,(suggest readers with small bedrooms to opt for hydraulic beds) a hydraulic storage bed is a great way to maximize the amount of space you can use in your room, saves you the trouble plus it doesn’t have sliding issues compared to if you used storage drawers under the bed. 

Pro tip: Make sure you write down your measurement in centimeters (cm), and inches. Different companies might only provide one or the other set of metrics. By having both, there will be less confusion and potential conversion error.

iii. Bed Frame Material

Wood has traditionally been the most popular material for bed frames. Nowadays, we have more options. Wood, upholstery, and metal are some materials commonly used in bed making today.

Wooden Bed

wooden bed hong kong

Wooden furniture is commonly made with either solid wood or veneer wood. Typically, veneer wood furniture pieces allow for more design and colors, and cost less than solid wood ones, but there’s a reason why veneer wood is cheaper and we believe you deserve solid hardwood! Veneer wood is made from sawdust and glue, so it’s not real wood! Its composition makes it more susceptible to crack and warp over time. It may also contain formaldehyde, a toxic chemical compound that can have detrimental effects on one’s respiratory system, and other harmful substances. On the other hand, solid wood is an all-natural material that expands and contracts with your bedroom temperature to avoid cracking and warping. It is chemical-free, more durable, and easily repaired. Though fewer designs are available for solid wood, its natural wood color and unique pattern can achieve a lovely patina over the years!

Oak wood bed frames are popular options for solid wood beds. If you’re in the market for a solid wood bed frame, you should opt for wood that is double kiln dried to protect your bed against Hong Kong’s humidity and air-conditioning. Please also make sure that the hardwood that you choose is inspected and graded for quality assurance by appropriate associations. Typically, North American wood is the highest quality wood available.

Upholstered Bed

upholstered bed hong kong

Upholstery is soft, padded textile covering that is fixed to furniture, and upholstered beds are beds that incorporate materials such as padded fabric on top of a wooden bed frame. This type of bed gained popularity because it is available in many fabrics, colors, and patterns of your choice. Its cushion padding also makes the bed very soft and comfortable for you to read or watch TV in bed. An upholstered bed is generally considered to be slightly more high maintenance than a wooden bed, so we typically recommend our customers to vacuum the bed occasionally to keep the upholstery on the bed clean and dust-free. Even better, customers should invest in bed frames with removable and washable fabric covers, to make it easier to clean the upholstered bed. 

Metal Bed

metal bed hong kong

Metal bed frames are a less popular type of bed frame compared to wood and upholstered beds. Let’s compare them to help you decide which one is more suitable for you. Metal bed frames are usually less expensive than wooden beds, especially for small bed sizes. Metal is tough but it is not as strong as wood bed frames when it comes to supporting larger mattresses. Design-wise, metal is versatile and allows for more designs and colors, but metal does not provide the elegant look of solid wood. Both metal and solid wood are good in their own way; so choose the bed frame that best suits your bedroom!

Plastic Bed

Plastic bed frames are an economical option and are usually used by children. Damages can rarely be repaired for plastic beds. Plastic beds do not last as long as wooden beds or upholstered beds.

iv. What are Common Bed Foundations?

For your mattress to last and give you your sweet dreams, it’s vital to choose the right mattress support system. Your options include:


platform bed hong kong

Platform beds are beds that offer a solid, flat surface for your mattress. The surface is typically made of wood. Platform beds are highly recommended because they offer a flat and stable surface for your mattress. The solid surface provides excellent support to all mattresses and helps extend the lifespan of many types of mattresses, especially hybrid mattresses and pocket coil mattresses. The reason? The flat surface provides uniform stress on the pocket coils when the coils are compressed. In addition, the sturdy wood surface adequately supports the memory foam layer so it does not decompress quickly. Not only will a platform bed amplify the motion isolation feature of your mattress, but will also prolong the life of your mattress, protecting the longevity of pocket coils and quality of foam layers. The low profile and sleek design make your room look less cramped and provide a better environment for a good night’s sleep.


bed slats hong kong

Slats are usually made of wood or metal. They are a series of bars that lie across the width of the bed frame. The wider the distance between slats, the greater the chance of the mattress wearing and tearing. It is recommended that slats should be no more than a few centimeters apart. There are two types of slats - solid and bendable ones, and each has their own benefits for your mattress.

Solid slats are often made of pine wood. They are very good at distributing pressure, and thus provide a supportive base for your back and your mattress. They make an ideal base for you if you prefer a firmer bed. 

bendable slats hong kong

Bendable slats, or sprung slats, are usually made of plywood with an upward curve shape. Sprung slats act like springs. When you lie on the bed, the slats bend downwards, and when you get off bed, the slats return to their original shape. This feature makes your mattress feel softer and shields your mattress from wear and tear.

Unlike solid platforms, slats are ideal for lighter mattresses. Although storage space is also available under the slats, it would also mean that ventilation under the bed is no longer available. Also, friction between the slats and your mattress could hurt the lifespan of your mattress.

Box Spring

box spring base hong kong

Box spring typically consists of a wooden frame covered in fabrics and containing springs. The layer of coils in the box spring promotes air circulation and shock absorption. However, unlike solid platforms, box spring bases are not compatible with all mattresses. For instance, it does not support mattresses with memory foam. This type of bed is also less durable compared to solid platforms. Over time, the weight of your mattress may break the coils in the box spring and reduce their support for your mattress.

v. What are Some Common Bed Frame Types?

Platform beds, the most basic bed frame type, support the mattress with a flat surface. Different from other traditional bed frames, platform beds do not need a box spring or bed foundation for mattress support. Also, it is compatible with a large variety of mattress types. Hush Home’s Solid Wood Bed is a platform bed that is made from sustainable top-graded hardwood, giving the mattress a sturdy support, and complimenting your bedroom with the natural beauty of solid hardwood.

gas-lift storage bed hong kong

Gas-lift storage beds, otherwise known as hydraulic storage beds, use gas pistols that release air to help you lift the bed up and down. This mechanism therefore enables you to store things underneath your mattress with less effort and access your storage much easier than other types of underbed storage. This kind of storage bed is perfect for keeping extra duvets, pillows and other accessories that you do not use on a daily basis. As most people in Hong Kong live in tight spaces, the urgency to maximize storage space has made these beds quite popular. Whilst the bed frame can be heavy and somewhat pricey, the way it stores many objects whilst still maintaining a clean, organised look to your bedroom often makes it a worthwhile investment. 

sleigh bed hong kong

Sleigh bed frame, as its name suggests, resembles a sleigh, and features a curved headboard and footboard. Traditional sleigh beds are made entirely from quality solid wood, which makes them heavy and more expensive than other bed frames. If you are a tall person, this bed may not be suitable for you as it provides limited leg room.

poster bed hong kong

Poster bed frame is a bed with four vertical columns, one on each corner of the bed, to support a rectangular panel on top of the bed. You could also have curtains around the bed for warmth and privacy. Poster beds definitely seem stylish, but they are very high maintenance: dust tends to gather on the panel, so you’ll need to clean regularly. Also, you’ll need a tall ceiling for this type of bed to fit your bedroom.

bunk bed hong kong

Bunk bed frame has two beds in one frame, one on top of the other. You could have a twin mattress on both bunks, or you have a twin on top and a double on the bottom bunk. It’ll be a great choice for the children’s bedroom, especially when you’re short on space. The top bunk is not recommended for children under the age of six given its height.

Loft bed frame is similar to a bunk bed, except that a loft bed only has the top bunk. The space under the bed usually serves as a working area for most people, or playing area for children. Therefore, loft beds are an efficient use of limited spaces. Some lofts beds with built-in storage capacity and other features could cost more than bunk beds.

murphy bed hong kong

Murphy bed is named after its inventor. It is also called a wall bed. This type of bed is mainly used for space-saving purposes, which makes it common in Hong Kong. Therefore, it is usually stored vertically against the wall or inside a closet, and pulled down for use.

trundle bed hong kong

Trundle bed is a low, wheeled bed stored under a normal bed. The lower mattress is normally thinner and uses a mattress topper rather than a standard mattress to ensure easy storage and pull out. A trundle frame is usually twin sized, although full size is also available. Trundle beds would be a good choice if you’re going to have guests sleeping over occasionally.

Sofa bed is dual-purpose furniture: it is a couch that can be converted into a bed. A metal frame and a thin mattress can be folded and stored under the seating cushions of the sofa, and opened up to make a bed whenever needed. If you often have visitors but don’t have a guest room, or want to utilize every inch of your small living space, a sofa bed is a fine option.

day bed hong kong

Daybed is like a sofa bed, but it is a couch and bed in one instead of a bed hiding in a sofa. It often comes in twin size. It is also a space saving option and it is often more stylish than a regular bed or sofa. Moreover, daybeds allow for trundle bed add-ons if you would like additional sleep spaces.

Adjustable bed frame allows users to alter the bed into different shapes according to their sleeping positions, helping them to alleviate pain and enhance blood circulation. Though this type of bed is relatively expensive, it can significantly improve the sleep quality by catering your specific needs. If you want to invest in your sleep products and maximize your sleeping experience, the adjustable bed frame will be a great choice for you. 

Round bed is a bed that has a round mattress and bed frame or one with seating areas on both sides of the rectangular mattress. The shape of a round bed makes it one of the most sophisticated bed frames as it  adds aesthetic value to your bedroom. Having a larger than normal size of bed, round beds are perfect for lounging on while watching your favorite TV shows and offering you a spacious sleeping area .

Lighted bed is a bed frame that has a headboard with lights built-in. The lighted bed adds a modern touch to your bedroom design, some could even be changed to different colors of light depending on your mood. Whether it be a romantic night, , ambient light source for your bedtime reading, or even a night light for those of you who prefer to keep some dim lighting for sleep.

vi. Bed Storage Options

To strategically organize your bedroom into a cozy sleep haven, you could consider bed frames with storage.

storage bed hong kong

Gas lift beds (ie, hydraulic beds that operate on a gas lift mechanism) enable storage spaces beneath the mattress. This type of storage bed has large storage spaces and is perfect for keeping extra duvets and pillows, seasonal clothes, and other things that you do not use on a daily basis.

Another type of storage bed is divan beds. A divan bed has a bed base that is constructed of a sturdy wooden frame surrounded by fabrics. Ottoman storage function is also available for this storage bed type. More commonly, however, is having built-in drawers that operate on a sliding mechanism in the divan bed base to easily store and access day-to-day clothing.

Under-bed storage refers to the clearance between the frame and floor. With under bed storage, you can keep extra duvet and pillows, seasonal clothes and shoes, or personal clutters using storage boxes with lids to keep dust out, or storage drawers. Items stored under bed are more readily accessible than those stored in gas lift storage.

vii. Different Bed Frame Features, Accessories or Types


hong kong bed frame features and accessories

What are some frame features and accessories?

  • Box edges or raised edges are frame edges that fold up in the form of a box. They make your mattress look as if it is placed inside a box.
  • Protruding edges means the bed platform extends further than the mattress edges, which also means the bed platform is slightly bigger than the mattress itself.
  • Flush edges are a feature that makes the mattress fit exactly on the edges of the frame without any raised or protruding edges. For the majority of our customers, we recommend flush edges because this feature saves space in your bedroom, makes it easier to get in and out of bed, and makes it easier to sit on the edge of your mattress.
  • Headboards are furniture pieces that are attached to the head of the bed and provide an aesthetic balance. Headboards were used to act as a barrier between the bed and the wall to keep your head from getting cold. But with better thermal insulation today, headboards are now used for decorative purposes. Headboards are also used to keep your pillows from slipping off the bed and may contain storage spaces for small items. Some customers like hard headboards and some customers prefer headboards with cushion padding. When you are choosing a bed frame with a headboard, you need to make sure the height is tall enough to fit your ideal mattress. Some bed frames offer an adjustable headboard or cushion to make sure it fits mattresses of all thickness.
  • Footboards can often complement headboards and are placed at the foot of the bed.  They are less common today and do not have a practical purpose.

viii. Bed Frame Style and Design


hong kong bed frame style and design

We all prefer different styles, and our styles may change over the years. If you prefer a funky or industrial style, a metal bed frame may be suitable for you. If you’re looking for a blend of modern, timeless and uniqueness, a solid wood bed is a great choice because the natural color of wood is literally the best for matching any bedroom style! If you’re looking for a beautifully upholstered bed frame that gives you extra storage space, our elegant hydraulic storage bed is what you are looking for.

There are a lot of design features out there, but we’ll just list a few thoughtful ones:

  • A minimalist bedroom design can improve sleep quality. Research suggests that sleepers with a cluttered bedroom are more likely to develop sleep disorders. Bedroom clutters are a source of stress because our brain interprets clutters as jobs to be completed on a conscious and subconscious level, which then makes it difficult for our brain to relax.
  • A bed frame with a small footprint that is flush with the mattress saves space and prevents you from hitting your legs on the bed.
  • A no-footboard design allows you to get on and off the bed conveniently from three sides.
  • The best combination of bed frame and mattress height to help you get on and off bed easily. The ideal height would be somewhere between 53 and 59 centimeters. For instance, our Hush mattress and Solid Wood Bed are at the perfect height of 56 centimeters.
  • The perfect headboard height measured just right to hold your favorite pillow in place, so it wouldn’t slip off the bed.
  • You can change the color and style of your upholstered bed frame when you need to clean the old one or if you simply want to give your bedroom a fresh look

ix. What Safety Measures Should I Be Looking at When Buying a Bed Frame?


bed frame safety design

Safety first, and safety always. When choosing a bed frame, you’d want to make sure the material the frame is made of is free of any harmful chemicals. You should opt for bed frames that are carefully handcrafted, fine-sanded, and protected by layers of coatings to keep you safe and sound! For those of you who have children, you may also want to look out for child-friendly features, such as rounded corners to avoid bumping and low profile to make getting on and off bed easier. If you are buying a bed frame with different mechanisms such as a hydraulic lifting system or an electric adjustable bed mechanism, make sure to check that the system is sturdy and supportive of your mattress throughout the years.

x. How Does Bed Delivery and Installation Usually Work?


hong kong bed delivery

You might also want to think about how your bed will be delivered. As bed frames are rather big furniture, they don’t often come fully assembled (they don’t fit in the elevators and are too heavy to carry up stairs!). While some enjoy the process of self assembling, some struggle to put pieces together. If you need assistance assembling the bed frame, you might then want to check whether the assembly service comes at a cost or comes for free.

Having your bed frame assembled by professionals is always a plus, especially when you are on a big project such as moving home or giving your bedroom a new look. Check out our bed frame collection, as it comes with free in-home assembly, so that you may sit back, relax and watch our professionals do the magic. 

3. What is the best bed frame for me in Hong Kong?

hong kong best bed frame

The definition of the best bed frame is different for everyone; different kinds of bed frame work for different bedrooms. However, it must have the combination of the factors above that best suits you. If we were to describe the elements that make up an exceptional bed frame for you, it would have the following features:

  • Made of chemical-free solid wood that are NHLA-inspected and FAS-graded to be the top-graded North American Wood
  • A platform base that supports and fits perfectly with your mattress
  • Designed to improve your sleep quality and flush with your mattress to save space
  • Contains a friendly storage space for you to organize personal items
  • Comes with free delivery and free in-home assembly service
  • Sustainably made to global standards
  • Sold at an outrageously affordable price!

Now armed with new information and tips, search for your perfect bed frame and make your bedroom the most comfortable and fashionable place in the world! To get you started, check out the perfect combination- our Hong Kong’s best bed frame collection  and our  best mattress collection!

Happy shopping and (more importantly) happy sleeping in 2023!