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Mattress Size Guide in Hong Kong

Standard Hong Kong Mattress Dimensions

Mattresses in Hong Kong typically are measured by feet, and they are categorized using the width of the mattress. For example Single mattress is 3 feet (91cm), Double mattress is 4 feet (122cm), Full mattress is 4 feet 6 inches (137cm), Queen mattress is 5 feet (152cm) and King mattress is 6 feet (183cm). Some sizes might comes in two length options for different needs and bedroom sizes.

Mattress Thickness:
Hush Mattress: 28 cm (11")
Loft Mattress: 15 cm (6")

Hong Kong Mattress Sizes

Size Feet Inches Centimeters Available For
Small Single 2'6" x 6'0" 30 x 72" 76 x 183 cm Loft
Single 3'0" x 6'0" 36 x 72" 91 x 183 cm HushLoft
Single Long 3'0" x 6'3" 36 x 75" 91 x 190 cm HushLoft
Large Single 3'6" x 6'0" 42 x 72" 107 x 183 cm Loft
emma 床褥尺寸
Double 4'0" x 6'0" 48 x 72" 122 x 183 cm HushLoft
Double Long 4'0" x 6'3" 48 x 75" 122 x 190 cm Hush
Full Long 4'6" x 6'3" 54 x 75" 137 x 190 cm HushLoft
Queen 5'0" x 6'3" 60 x 75" 152 x 190 cm Hush
Queen Long 5'0" x 6'6" 60 x 78" 152 x 198 cm Hush
queen size 尺寸
King 6'0" x 6'6" 72 x 78" 183 x 198 cm Hush

Your bed frame's outer dimensions is the width and length that your bed frame will take up in your bedroom!

Mattress Size Guide
Will my mattress be delivered in a box?

No, because our mattresses employ premium build techniques, we do not squeeze the Hush Mattress into a box. This is a good thing -- trust us, you’ll feel the difference.

Our mattress doesn't just come in the mail either. All Hush Home mattress orders are delivered with Free In-Home Setup.

I'm afraid my lift (or elevator) is too small to fit your mattress. What can I do?

I'm afraid my lift (or elevator) is too small to fit your mattress. What can I do?

For customers whose lift (or elevator) is too small to fit the Hush Mattress, we offer a special custom delivery solution (and it's free of charge!). Please inform us when ordering your mattress and our white-glove delivery service will assist you.

How Do I Find the Right Mattress Size for My Bed?
Every centimeter in your bedroom counts! That's why each mattress size has 2-3 lengths. If you don't have a bed yet, it's easy -- just choose a suitable mattress size, then find a bed to match.

If you already have a bed, please make sure you measure the portion of your bed where the mattress will sit. Here are some quick tips:

  1. My bed has a raised edge/border and my new mattress will sit inside the raised edge/border.
  2. My bed has a flat platform and my new mattress will sit on top of the platform.
Mattress Size Guide
What if my bed frame has different measurements than your standard mattress sizes?

Don't worry! Bed frames are designed to accommodate a mattress up to +/- 4 cm (or 2"), so you may choose the closest available mattress size with no problem. If you have questions about fit, please contact us and we'll be happy to help!

If you are matching the a Hush Home mattress to an IKEA bed, please see our IKEA size guide.

View Ikea Size Guide

Ikea Size Guide

IKEA bed sizes are known to be slightly different than standard Hong Kong mattress sizes. The Hush Home mattresses has been tested to fit the following IKEA bed sizes:

Ikea Hush Home mattresses
Single Bed (92 x 189 cm) Single Long (3′0" x 6′3")
Double Bed (135 x 189 cm) Full Long (4′6" x 6′3")
150 x 200 cm Bed Queen Long (5′0" x 6′6")
180 x 200 cm Bed King (6′0" x 6′6")
Mattress Size Guide
Do you make custom sizes?

Yes, we can custom make your mattress to a specific length and width. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide a price quotation.

Custom orders may incur a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks for delivery, and once confirmed, your order cannot be cancelled or refunded. In addition, while our 100-Night Trial is unavailable for these orders, you will of course be protected by our world-class 12-year HushCare Warranty.

If the mattress sits inside your bed, please measure the internal dimensions of the raised edge/border, not external dimensions. Because each size has several lengths, please make sure you measure the correct length. (Note that some bed manufacturers will provide the external bed dimensions, but not internal dimensions. The internal dimensions are necessary to choose your mattress size.)
If the mattress sits on top of your bed, your mattress size may be a little more flexible. Measure the 4 sides of the bedframe and you'll have the maximum mattress size. Depending on your preferences, you may choose a size that is equal or a little smaller than your bedframe dimensions.
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